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Esbjerg – Leather strop, Russian leather

2 strops, Russian leather (Kern Juchten) Total length: approx 33.5 cm Effective Length: approximately 16 cm Effective width: 4 cm


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Razor strops are used with grinding compounds in order to polish the blade and hone the edge to a higher level. Esbjerg’s strops are assembled in a turnbuckle with a wooden handle. Both of the strops are made of genuine leather. One of them is additionally covered with green compound and thus ready for use.

Fields of application

Strops without compounds can be used before every shaving. Strops with compounds, however, should only be used to align the blade’s edge and increase its efficiency after honing the straight razor with a stone.

Why stropping?

To attain maximum effect, straight razors need to be as sharp as possible. It is recommend stropping your straight razor every time before shaving, as regular stropping maintains its edge. That prevents dull edges and ensures sharpness needed for a close shave.

How to use

Attach the ring of the hanging strop to a fixed place. Hold the other end of the strop tightly; the strop should not sag. Strop the blade on the leather; go slow and easy with light pressure, as stropping does not require a lot of pressure. Always drag the knife backwards on the strop. Before you start stropping, put an abrasive compound or oil on the leather, to attain an even better result.


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