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Filling Content: 200g The fine and vegan fair-trade Aleppo soap contains 92% pure olive oil, which nourishes the skin with its essential fatty acids, while calming it and adding moisture. The perfect choice for the daily cleansing of skin and body, suitable for inflamed, dry and chapped skin. Suitable for all skin types, especially for sensible skin. Pure natural cosmetics.


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Selected olive oil works as the main ingredient which its 92% addition, supported by high potential laurel oil. Both ingredients form a unique skin protector, protecting, nourishing and regulating the skin. Which helps it recover from damage and stress in the long-term, finding back to its natural balance. The anti-oxidative and intensely nourishing olive oil boosts the cell renewal and works hydrating while precious laurel oil is re-greasing, antibacterial, antifungal such as anti-inflammatory. The care result is a healthy, soft and smooth skin. Aleppo soap is manually made after the traditional recipe. Free from colorings, artificial aromas and other additions. Especially essential is the form and embossment of the soap – inspired by Oriental calligraphy.

Aleppo Soap

The Aleppo soap is also known as Syrian laurel soap and consists of olive oil and a variable oil-share of the berries of real laurel. The soap is produced since centuries and was a common product in the Ancient Greece and for romans for body cleansing and skin care.


Wet the soap and distribute the light foam on the body. Rinse off with some warm water.


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