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Filling Content: 500ml The liquid Aleppo soap is the natural alternative to ordinary shower gel. Solely natural ingredients nourish the skin. Captivating rose oil and intense notes of ylang ylang characterize the refined flower bouquet of the fair-trade soap of olive- and laurel oil. A rendez-vous of the Southern French perfume artistry of Grasse and the century-old Aleppo tradition. The natural soap suitable for body, face and hands is vegan. Pure natural cosmetics.


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Equipped with essential oils such as plant extracts, the liquid soap eludes the scent of an Oriental paradise garden. Led by rose and ylang ylang, rounded off with warm nuances of cardamom and white tea. Aleppo soap is manually made after the traditional recipe. Free from colorings, artificial aromas and other additions.

Aleppo Soap

The Aleppo soap is also known as Syrian laurel soap and consists of olive oil and a variable oil-share of the berries of real laurel. The soap is produced since centuries and was a common product in the Ancient Greece and for romans for body cleansing and skin care.


Wet the soap and distribute the light foam on the body. Rinse off with some warm water.


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