Hopery – Bamboo Milk Bath Chocolate

Packaging Size: 80g The main ingredient of the palm-free bath chocolate is precious cocoa butter. The special recipe nourishes solely with plant power without any water additions. The skin is soft and smoothed. Putting on body lotion after a shower is no longer required. The especially light and yet fresh scent lasts long and adds to a happy sentiment. The bar makes for about 24 nourishing baths.


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Care with a clean conscience: The young German Benjamin Böhme has initiated an ambitious social startup with Hopery: The small Hopery manufacture produces sustainable natural products and donates 20 percent of sales such as 10 percent of the firm’s profit to the orang-utan care station organized by the aid project www.redapes.org. Free from palm oil and equipped with biological ingredients such as natural essential oils, Hopery offers nourishing natural products. Suitable for all skin types. The intense scent lasts to the very last soap piece.

Hopery´s Bath Soap

Equipped with biological oils of coconut, argan tree such as essential oils, the bath chocolates fully relax. Break off 1-2 pieces and let it melt in the warm bath water. The precious plant oils distribute evenly and unfold their nourishing effect on the whole body.


Break off one to two pieces and let it melt in the warm bath water. Enjoy!


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