bertram sans head shave

Bertram Sans – Head Shave

23,50 18,80

23,50 18,80 / 100 ml

Bertram|Sans Head Shave is a creamy, lightly foaming shaving gel for use on the head. It lies like a protection film on the scalp, remains moist for a long time and eases the gliding of the razor blade.

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On average, men have 50,000 facial hairs and 150,000 hairs on their head. Even when one subtracts the latter – lost forever by bald men – there´s still a great deal more surface to cover when shaving one´s head. This naturally takes a lot more time, during which conventional shaving products tend to dry out so that the razor doesn´t glide as well, cuts can occur, or more shaving cream must be applied. The consistency of Bertram Sans Head Shave is therefore less foamy, but much, much more moist. the creamy fel dries very slowly and lies like a gentle protective film on the scalp. It´s no longer necessary to re-apply the product or shave a second time. The blade glides effortlessly and without pressure – rom the first to the last stroke.


A high proportion of aloe vera is responsible for these prperties. Bertram Sans Head Shave also contains anti-inflammatory jojoba oil, as well as astringent menthol. By virtue of its composition, Bertram Sans Head Shave is also good for shaving chest and public hair, or for a very smooth facial shave.

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