bertram sans head protect & aftershave 100ml bottle box

Bertram Sans – Head Protect & Aftershave SPF 30


Bertram|Sans Head Protect & Aftershave SPF 30 cares for, soothes and moisturizes after shaving. The integrated sun protection factor 30 protects the hairless scalp and guards against UVA and UVB induced skin damage.

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The light and non-greasy cream combines the features of a powerful and soothing aftershave with those of a sunscreen, the UVA and UVB filters of which have been ideally adated to each other. Bertram Sans Head Protect & After Shave SPF 30 ahould be used every day, for even on days when you haven´t shaved, hairless heads are exposed without baseball caps, hats or sun care products don´t only risk a sunburn but serious long-term problems.

Studies show that by the age of 40, light skinned men who are bald or have little hair have a significantly increased risk of developing actinic keratosis, a growth which can turn into skin cancer. This products´s high-potency sun protection factor (SPF) of 30, which prevents UVA as well as UVB related damage, is therefore particularly important. Ingredients such as aloe vera, panthenol and allantoin provide additional care, comfort and regenerative qualities.

Bertram Sans Head Protect & After Shave SPF 30 can also be used on the face as a protective day cream – and not only after shaving.

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