Bertram Sans – Head Clean

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Bertram|Sans Head Clean cleanses, soothes and cares for the scalp. It leaves the skin feeling fresh and smooth, and can also be used to gently clean face and body. Aloe vera moisturizes while sea salt – which is rich in natural minerals – has a soothing effect.

Available sizes:  100ml

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Although bald-headed men no longer have any hair, thier scalps often appear flaky or “drandruffy”. This dandruff is in actuality dead skin particles resulting from environmental irritation, friction or shaving. In addition, many hairless men suffer from itchy scalps due to extreme dryness ans strain.
Bertram Sans Head Clean relieves ans combats these symptoms at the very act of washing, thanks to moisturizing aloe vera as well aoothing and mineral-rich sea salt. Natural betaine, derived from sugar beets, provides further care and comfort properties, while natural lemon oil refreshes.
Bertram Sans Head Clean can also be used as a facial cleanser or light shower gel.

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