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GREENCULT – Vegetable Sisal Soap Bags

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• Vegetable sisal soap pouch • Zero Waste + 100% natural - biodegradable • Great peeling effect • Your soap scum savior • Washable up to 30°C


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Your soap residue rescuer - made of 100% sisal - biodegradable soap bag - plastic-free - washable at 30 degrees

Zero waste for the bad

This soap pouch made from plant-based sisal is the optimal, sustainable alternative to shower and shampoo packaging. Because this simple little thing can do more than you might think at first glance: it not only provides a home for your solid bar of soap, but also absorbs all the little soap residue that slips through your fingers into the sink and ends up straight in the drain . The sachet is also perfect for showering: the soap foams up wonderfully in it, while the firm surface structure frees your skin from old scales and lets it shine. A real peeling pleasure, which can be wonderfully combined with soaps.


The bag is made of sisal. Sisal is a renewable resource that is biodegradable. Otherwise, sisal fibers can be found in ropes, ropes, carpets and so on.


You simply put your solid piece of soap in the soap bag and off you go with your body care. While bathing or showering – as you like. As long as you feel like it should happen. No problem, just take out the soap and wash at 30 degrees.


100% sisal (biodegradable)


approx. 11 x 12 cm


  • Made from vegetable sisal in China
  • 100% zero waste + plastic free
  • peeling effect


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