Geo.F. Trumper – Extract of Limes Beard Wash

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Trumper's Extract of Limes Beard Wash is a combination shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for use on your beard.
Fragranced with the exhilarating fragrance of Extract of Limes.

Available sizes:  100ml

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Bright green bursts of life-force charge from the tangy sharpness of tropical limes, vibrant citrus flashes allow a gentleman’s mind to surge with the majesty of life. And as every pore is infused with the zing and zest of freshly squeezed West Indian limes, so an exhilarating thrill is marvellously bestowed.

How to use

Just a small amount massaged into the beard will help to cleanse and condition the hair, without leaving residue or drying out the skin underneath, making it easier to manage and style.

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