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Feather – Razor, Artist Club DX Model ACD-R, western folding handle (gray)

Made in Japan by the cult manufacturer and cutlery specialist FEATHER. These are extremely high-quality products, not to be compared with the well-known interchangeable blade razors in the low price segment. In our opinion, you can't get any closer to a "real" razor with interchangeable blade knives (for the "DX" model series, see below for restrictions on the other series). These knives don't have to be sharpened on the leather strap before shaving, nor does the knife have to be sharpened regularly - if it is blunt, simply change the special blade (but with a special bevel, it lasts significantly longer). At the same time, the traditional handling, the thoroughness of the open blade and the advantages of a multi-day beard or contour shaving (depending on the model, see below) are given. In addition, special blades can be used to address particularities of beard or skin individually! Compared to a razor blade with a simple wedge grind, the blades have a multi-angled cutting edge, similar to how it is formed by paste and strap ice on traditional razors, which not only increases the service life of the blades, but also makes the shaving feel much more pleasant.


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  • Artist Club "DX": the variant for experienced and professional users with the highest standards of quality and flexibility. The blade is hollow ground up to the blade holder and is very narrow there, which allows full maneuverability and also very flat guidance. This makes it as versatile as a classic razor, making this model ideal for beard contours and also the variant of choice for barbers. The DX model is the perfect alternative to the classic straight razor. Handles foldable in wood or plastic (gray) and non-foldable in elastomer (gray). The blade types LIGHT and SUPER have no difference to the standard blade due to the missing support edge of the "DX".
  • Material: HKS; short for "high-performance plastic", used in all three series for the folding version. The handle material can disinfect boiling water and ethanol-based solutions; bleaching agents such as sodium hypochlorite are not allowed!
  • The folding, western version corresponds to the design of the classic straight razor, as it has developed in Europe and the USA. When not in use, the cutting edge is protected and the handle, which is folded back 270 degrees, WILL be pinched between the roots of two fingers, thus stabilizing the knife against tilting movements. Changes in angle are made from the wrist. Usually easier to learn / use than Japanese.
  • Model name: ACD-R Handle color: GRAY Blade: stainless steel, polished / finely brushed Weight: 55g (with inserted blade) Supplied in a plastic travel box


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