ESBjERG – Beard Care Set Orange Vetiver


Esbjerg Beard Care Set. Include an Esbjerg Gift box, a Beard Oil Olive, a Beard Wash Orange Vetiver and a Beard Balm Orange Vetiver.

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Beard Wash Orange Vetiver

A gentle touch of the perfect beard wash cleans and moisturizes deeply and shares the wonderful feeling of freshness that makes your beard look more groomed than ever. Once you try our beard wash, you will want to feel this enjoyment again and again.
Orange and Vetiver create a perfect harmony for your skin. The scent is an invigorating combination and has a stimulating effect.
Orange oil is a very warm scent. The oil is stimulating and brightening up your mood. The orange oil has an astringent and antiseptic effect on the skin and relieves irritated skin.
Vetiver is a sweet grass, whose roots are used for obtaining the essential oil. The scent is a mysterious composition of woody and earthy fragrances, intense and herbal. Vetiver revitalizes and regenerates tired skin.

Beard Balm Orange Vetiver

The Esbjerg Orange Vetiver Beard Balm nourishes jaded and pallid whiskers and conjures a soft beard. The pleasant texture of the beard balm absorbs quickly and is very efficient, so the product can be used very sparingly. The beard balm protects and regenerates the stressed and often itchy skin under the beard.

Beard Oil Olive Leaf

The Esbjerg Olive Leaf Beard Oil is especially recommended for fuzzy beards and unpleasant itching and stressed facial skin. This soothing beard oil works very efficiently, so the product can be used very sparingly.
It contains oleuropein, an allrounder among skin care essences: It is antibacterial, antifungal and anitviral. The olive leaf extract prevents premature, light-induced skin aging, making this extract particularly suitable for the production of cosmetics. In the leaves of the olive tree is oleuropein found in a 3,000 higher concentration than in the olive itself. The reason is that its leaves stay on the olive tree around five years, while the fruit gets harvested after a few months.
The contained squalane, which is also obtained in the olive, is an unscented oil that is included in the skin’s natural hydro-lipid film. Squalane ensures that the skin’s own fats do not oxidize and it also keeps the skin supple and velvet. So the skin under your beard is nourished and protected.

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