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Esbjerg – Beard Care Gift Set Amber Cardamon with Rosewood Comb


Beard Care Gift Set Amber Kardamom. Contain an Esbjerg gift box, rosewood beard comb, Beard Wash Amber Kardamom and Beard Balm Amber Kardamom.

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Beard Wash Amber Kardamom

The soft texture of Esbjerg’s Beard Wash Sensitive provides a thorough and smooth cleansing of the beard. It furthermore nourishes the beard and leaves the refreshing scent of amber and cardamom, which is a unique combination.
Facial hair and normal hair differ in their properties and therefore need to be treated differently.
The stimulating scent of Amber reveals its woody note with every cleansing of the beard.

Beard Balm Amber Kardamom

The Esbjerg Amber Cardamon Beard Balm nourishes jaded and pallid whiskers and conjures a soft beard. The pleasant texture of the beard balm absorbs quickly and is very efficient, so the product can be used very sparingly. The beard balm protects and regenerates the stressed and often itchy skin under the beard. The brightly amber fragrance unfolds its woody nuances with every application anew. The Cardamomoil appeals antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. Cardamom has also very special feature: It produces endorphins and takes the stress of the everyday away. Get your beard and your nose a little break from the bustle of life.
The contained tiger grass is used in Ayurvedic, Chinese and Thai medicine for centuries due to its versatile features. The herb is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing. Especially on sore or exhausted skin it exerts its beneficial effects. Coincidentally it reduces scare formation because tiger grass stimulates bloodcirculation. The contained real glycerin is a true moisturizer and maintains the often leached and wiry whisker.
Furthermore the effective essences of the Aloe Vera are contained in this beard care product.
Even in ancient times the regenerating effect of the aloe vera plant was known and the war wounded were treated with the delicate extract of the medicinal plant.

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