Esbjerg – 5-blade razor, Gillette® Fusion™, handle material desert ironwood

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5-blade razor, compatible with Gillette® Fusion™
Handle made of desert ironwood with chrome-plated metal highlights

Available sizes:  Gillette Fusion

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The Material – Desert ironwood

The desert ironwood is native to Arizona, California and Mexico. The desert ironwood is known as one of the longest living trees in the Sonoran desert. In fact the trees can grow 1500 years old. The wood is very hard and heavy, its density is grater than water density, therefore it sinks.
The wood is mostly used for knife handles. Not merley due to the hardness and grain of the wood also the red brownish coloring is ideal.

The Razorhead - Gillette® Fusion ™

The latest shaving system from Gillette® embraces five blades positioned one above the other as well as a precision edging blade located on the back of the cartridge. This design ensures a very close and gentle shave. Its simple and safe handling is ideal even for newcomers. The blades are available from retailers everywhere.

The desert ironwood series – shimmer and shine for the wet shave

The desert ironwood series stands for eye-catching, timeless design: The conical form is interrupted by distinctive lines at the chrome-plated base. As with other traditional forms, this design principle ensures a snug fit when hung in the holder.
The series is provided in the desert ironwood which is especially accentuated by the gleaming, chrome-plated base.
In the design of the holder a narrow plastic rim is bonded directly to the metal. This principle guarantees the optimum purchase of brushes and razors, as well as reliably protecting the shiny chrome surfaces against scratching.

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Gillette Fusion


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