Penhaligons – Endymion Shaving Cream Tube


Nourishing Shaving Cream with Endymion scent in a practical tube. The exquisite shaving creams contain only the finest ingredients from Penhaligon’s. It soaks the beard very well, prepare the skin for a perfect shave and have a lasting skin smoothing.

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Penhaligon’s Endymion Shaving Cream in a tube is made from the best ingredients. This shaving cream has an excellent effect when it comes to soak the beard and boast a high lubricity. These two qualities guarantee a very gentle and skin-friendly shaving.
If you foaming shaving cream with a shaving brush, it creates a voluminous and rich foam. This foam is also up to the end of the shave and enables a special shaving experience. But above all, the extraordinary fragrance of this shaving cream makes it so unique. The shaving cream has a delicate fragrance by Penhaligon’s Endymion.
Endymion – This strong composition is one of the slickest and most sophisticated fragrance from the house of Penhaligon. The blend of mandarin, amber, leather, moss, black pepper and myrrh is sparkling, sensual and fiery at the same time. A compliment to Penhaligon’s.


The spicy scent of Endymion gives this shaving cream that something extra. Through the blend of mandarin, amber, leather, black pepper and myrrh shaving a pleasure. The glycerol contained guarantees a high lubricity and therefore a very gentle shave. The coconut butter nourishes the skin while shaving and makes it smooth.

How to use

Lather the shaving cream with a shaving brush in a bowl or in your hand. Then put the foam, apply in a circular motion on the face.
You can also apply this Penhaligon’s shaving cream without brush, simply apply a thin layer to the face.
After shaving remove the residues of shaving cream with warm water. We recommend for a comfortable shave, a aftershave product afterwards. This disinfects and soothes the skin.

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