DOVO – Shavette silver/black


The shavette of the German straight razor manufacturer DOVO comes with a blade holder made out of silver aluminum, such as a grip plate of long-lasting black synthetic with the brand lettering on it. The total weight of 20 g make the handling easier.

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Especially practical: The shavette makes it possible to use blades coming in different lengths.

For every blade length there are own blades and blade holders, which can be ordered separately.


The shavette is perfect for beginners in shaving with straight razors.


The shavette is the right choice for beginners in shaving with straight razors.

The shavette is a straight razor with an exchangeable blade and is, therefore, also known as an interchangeable blade razor. The golden middle between straight razor and safety razor, the shavette resembles the classic straight razor due to its grip and maintains a low risk at cutting oneself because of its short cut depth.


In contrary to a safety razor, there is free view to the blade and a further difference to the straight razor being that the blades are exchangeable. Therefore, the typical deduction or re-sharpening can be omitted.

Shavette and blades should be kept at a safe, dry and well-aired place.





Overall length: 20.5 cm

Grip length: 10.5 cm

Blade length: 6.5 cm



Included in the delivery


  • Blade holder short white for short blades
  • Blade holder long black for long blades
  • Blade holder long serrated black for long blades
  • Short blade D-90910000
  • Long blade D-201014

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