Dirty Old Goat Soap – Head Butter Mint & Rosmary Shampoo Bar

Packaging Size: 85gr Hair care products of the future do not come in plastic bottles. Sheabutter and castor oil in a creamy shampoo-goatmilk soap make for smoothness and shining hair. The shampoo bar has a refreshing and distictive minty aroma with woody undertones of Rosemary.


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Made in lavish cold saponification processes, the natural and tolerable goat milk soaps of Dirty Old Goat Soap make for outstanding care properties on a premium level. Natural essential oils add the scent to these handy travel soap blocks.

Cold-Stirred Soaps

In contrast to normal soaps, the ingredients are added in a cold saponification process without the addition of heat. The saponification of premium fats and oils does not occur in the manufacturing but in the following after-ripening. This lets the ingredients keep their quality and can so unfold their full potential on the skin.

The Advantages of Goat Milk

Why goat milk? Goat milk has smaller fat molecules compared to cow milk, which can easily be absorbed by the skin and keep it smooth and healthy from the inside. Goat milk is especially good for sensible and dry skin and makes for an ease for multiple dermatological problems.

Dirty Old Goat Soap – The Story

It all started with Myrtle, Spartacus, Nora and Gladys – happy house goats in a small English village Uffculme, where the young label Dirty Old Goat Soap can be found. Goat-lover Tracy and her family and friends started processing the goat milk in fine soap bars – selling in a small scale until demand rose, establishing their own label. The products are not tested on animals, but on Tracy’s husband – a nice detail which makes apparent how familial the label is to this day – and of course accordingly produced to the EU-cosmetic guidelines such as an overall abstention of palm oil.


Lather the soap and distribute the light foam on your hair. Let it sit for a bit. Then rinse thoroughly with some warm water. Your hair will look clean and feel smooth.


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