D.R. Harris – Almond Oil Skinfood 100ml

D.R. Harris Almond Oil Skin Food is a rich, creamy moisturiser that can be used anywhere on the body. Used on the face, Almond Oil Skin Food injects a huge burst of moisture into the face increasing vitality, radiance and hydration. This milky moisturiser can be used on the hands, the body and areas which are in need on something that offers a little extra.


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Rich and nourishing, our D.R. Harris Almond Oil Skinfood is suitable for all skin types whether used on the face, hands or body . From normal to exceptionally dry and chapped skin, we highly recommend the cream as everything from a night facial treatment to hand lotion or cuticle massage cream. Newly reformulated to be parabens free.  

How to use

If using on the face, apply liberally at the base of the throat working the fingertips upwards and outwards but avoiding the delicate skin around the eyes. Leave for a few minutes or whilst relaxing in the bath and then wipe the surplus away with a tissue. Suitable for all skin types. D.R. Harris Almond Oil Skin Food can also be used as a face mask. To apply, clean the face with your usual face wash then apply a thick layer of D R Harris Almond Oil Skin Food and allow it to be absorbed into the face. Wash off the excess with cold water.


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