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Böker – Straight Razor “Herr Feldmann 6/8”

Blade Width: 6/8 Blade Material: Carbon Steel Handle Material: curly birch wood Point: Barber's Notch Color: brown


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Contrary to what the name might suggest, the pilgrimage site for fans of skillful beard care in the Marienhof Passage in Mönchengladbach has nothing to do with an apparition of Mary. The creator of the secular place of pilgrimage is Alexander “Herr” Feldmann, who effortlessly manages to stand out once again within the colorful and varied barber scene. Even the straightforward, sober name appearance "Herr Feldmann | barber - hairdresser - second hair" reveals that Alexander Feldmann defines his profession somehow differently and also quite broadly than his specialist colleagues. This noticeable otherness developed completely out of his craft, because both of his parents have always worked as hairdressers. His mother runs a popular barbershop in New York to this day, where he too was allowed to learn the basics of his trade. He visits her regularly in the States, of course also to exchange ideas. And gradually it is no longer clear at first glance from which direction trends and technologies are changing across the Atlantic. Unlike most barbers, Mr. Feldmann naturally only uses traditionally made razors and no interchangeable blades for a wet shave


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