Böker – straight razor “Classic” black spanish point

The hand-made starter model with a Spanish head and a blade width of 5/8 inches, comes with a long-lasting grip plate of water-resistant, black special synthetic and an excellent value for money. The Spanish head combines the advantages of a 5/8 blade with the precision of a smaller blade and is therefore especially recommended for an exact shave of contours. The very sharp blade of non-stainless carbon steel is made extra hollow with the use of a rampart.


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Since the founding year of Böker in 1869, the razor workshop lays all its focus on best materials and on a high production quality. The Böker straight razors made of non-stainless carbon steel offer highest cutting properties and can be easily sharpened, defining ultimate quality. All Böker straight razors are made extra hollow with the help of rampart. Thanks to the rampart, the blade can be polished into this extremely thin material thickness and still contains enough elasticity. Globally, only the very best and qualified polishers master this supreme technique. Made entirely by hand in the Böker straight razor workshop in Solingen. Coming with an inclusive certificate of authenticity, real Böker stamp on the blade back and an historical and premium packaging.

The Blade

5/8 inch wide blades are the most common form in shaving with straight razors. Wider blades glide more easily over the skin due to their weight and take in more soap and beard hair, before having to be cleaned off. With shorter blades on the other hand, sensitive areas can be reached more easily.

The Spanish Head

The Spanish Head shows a lighter inner radius, making the contour-lead more easily. Due to its distinct front cutting edges, it is especially recommended for an exact shave of the beard shape. A classic blade form for advanced users.


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