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Penhaligon´s – Blenheim Bouquet Body & Hand Wash

Blenheim Bouquet Body & Hand Wash is a wonderful scented shower gel for daily skin care. This clean gentle the skin, does not dry out and leaving a clean and soft feel. The delicate fragrance of Blenheim Bouquet Body & Hand Wash gives a tart lemony note, this can be every shower into a refreshing experience.


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Nourishing body & hand wash with the wonderful scent of Blenheim Bouquet. Penhaligon's body & hand wash produce a rich lather. The select ingredients helps to leave the skin soft and refreshed. The Blenheim Bouquet Body & Hand Wash from Penhaligon's is a delicately perfumed cleanser for the body with a soft foam. Tenderly and comfort ably cleanses the skin. The shower gels by Penhaligon's shower or bath is a real pleasure to dive from a stressful day and forget for a moment their concerns, they rise from the shower as a new person, relaxed and refreshed.


Blenheim Bouquet was created in 1902 by the founder, William Penhaligon. At that time there was a revolution in the bottle. Exceptionally fresh and lemony, so different from the former men's scents. Blenheim Bouquet is still produced according to its original recipe, even if the recipe is over 100 years old, the perfume still seems surprisingly modern.

How to use

Lather up the Blenheim Bouquet Body & Hand Wash between your hands, place on a cloth or sponge to ensure a wonderful shower experience. You can also use this shower gel to treat yourself to a sumptuous and relaxing bath, just Body & Hand Wash pour into a tub full of warm water and relax.


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