Esbjerg – Beard Comb

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Handmade Rosewood comb. Soft and gentle, antistatic effect.

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Handmade top quality product. The round edges protect the hair while combing. Rosewood combs transport the hair fat and make it antistatic.
This little masterpiece has a length of about 8.5 cm, a height of 2.5 cm and a tine spacing of about half a millimeter. Rosewood is one of the finest woods due to its sealing, hardness and special staining.
The beard hair is thus optimally groomed. The comb is by carefully polish and sealant with beeswax also suited for the application of beard wax and styling products. If needed clean the rosewood comb under warm running water and use a mild shampoo. Then dry the comb thoroughly.

How to use

Comb your hair from the roots to the tips.


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