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Baobab Collection – Stones Lazuli Max 16

The scented candle Lazuli in its solid size of max 16 makes for a buoyant atmosphere. The aquatic-appealing scent of cardamom, sea salt and a deep base of musk is timeless and calming. The hand-made candle glass can be placed in every surrounding. The fine marbling reminds of a precious, glowing rocky outcrops of the gemstone lapis lazuli.


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Height: 16cm (Max 16) Weigth:1kg Burning time: ca. 150 hours   The candles of the Baobab Collection which are made in Belgium are produced with premium wax, enabling an almost soot-free burning and guaranteeing a long burning period. Baobab also makes for a pleasant atmosphere with its nice optics: With its stylish, hand-made glass vases made in its own glass blowing workshop, which embellish every room as harmonic design elements. The scented candle lapis lazuli can be seen as a reminiscence of the preciousness of the mysterious lapis lazuli. The gemstone has been named “the stone for kings” going back to the ancient Egypt and has been used as a piece of jewelry and healing stone.


Head note: Aquatic-sensual Heart note: Cardamom, sea salt Base note: Musk


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