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Baobab Collection – Rainforest Amazonia Candle Max10

Atlas cedar - green tea - bergamot

The scent of bergamot and green tea on a raised base of the Atlas cedar is reminiscent of the bright colors of the forest represented by the Baobab Amazonia scented candle and takes you into a herbal freshness full of secrets.


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The candles of the Baobab Collection which are made in Belgium are produced with premium wax, enabling an almost soot-free burning and guaranteeing a long burning period. Baobab also makes for a pleasant atmosphere with its nice optics: With its stylish, hand-made glass vases made in its own glass blowing workshop, which embellish every room as harmonic design elements.

The Baobab Rainforest Amazonia scented candle Max 10 comes in a hand-blown opal glass into which turquoise, blue and brown glass chips have been inserted and which are fused together in the glass. Each glass in this wonderful collection is unique because the colors are embedded in the glass as if by chance.


  • Height 10 cm
  • Weight: 1,35kg
  • Burning time: ca 60 hours


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