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Baobab Collection – Modernista Vidre Reality Candle Max10

As facetious as reality, is the spicy-fresh aroma of the scented candle Reality. The strong scent notes of leather, labdanum and vetiver fuse into a relaxing, cleansing potpourri, which surprises with originality and embeds itself as a distinctive composition between your senses. In the handy size MAX 10.


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The candles of the Baobab Collection which are made in Belgium are produced with premium wax, enabling an almost soot-free burning and guaranteeing a long burning period. Baobab also makes for a pleasant atmosphere with its nice optics: With its stylish, hand-made glass vases made in its own glass blowing workshop, which embellish every room as harmonic design elements. The light and discreet grey scented candle Reality is part of the Modernista Vidre line. The perfect choice for everyone who prefer unique senses and are ready to surprise others with this scent at their home.


Heart note: Leather, labdanum and vetiver


  • Height 10 cm (MAX 10)
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Burning time: ca 60 hours

Modernista Vidre Line

A unique eye catcher of the Modernista Vidre line is the mouth-blown glass, which shows wavy details due to high dexterity – a stylized emblem for the diversity of nature.


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