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Penhaligons Portraits – An Olfactory Fiction

Eccentric par excellence in the style of the British aristocracy: The London tradition house Penhaligon’s adds new highlights in the high culture of fragrances with its Portrait line.
These scents have history. In terms of the exclusive Portrait line Penhaligon’s presents exceptional personalities and their brilliant scent worlds.
Ranging from sensually-deep creations to spicy-charming appeals, the valuable perfume mixtures offer unique and intense scent experiences – blended in best British tradition.

The portrait line is a homage to the typical English lifestyle, oscillating between establishment, provocation and humor. In this way, the eccentric collection of unique scents presents concise character studies.


Penhaligon’s poured the world of the British royalty in the revolutionary flacons. Every character was attributed with an animal of which the golden head seals the perfume flacon. Every closure is carefully made and hand-polished. Once again, Penhaligon’s has profiled itself with its portrait flacons, which are visually and tactilely a class of its own and add a noble brilliance to each room with their decorative meaning.


The packaging of the portraits, which originates from the feather of the plurally priced Icelandic artist Kristjana S. Williams, is detailed to the core. The graduate of the renowned Central Saint Martins College mixed Victorian paintings with modern illustrations in London. Having the portrait character merge with their attributed exotic creatures.

Penhaligon´s Portraits

The Tragedy of Lord George Eau de Parfum

Lord George – an archetypal patriarch. Eternalized by his fortunes. In his being the most noble values of the aristocracy are unified. Virtuousness, respect, loyalty and the faithfulness to the king and fatherland. But his loyalty to Lady Blanche… “The meat is weak”, he mumbles on the daily during shaving. However, the heart of a gentleman does not have to be divine. For this purpose, he is being paid. Otherwise he could let it be.

Lord George

The Revenge of Lady Blanche Eau de Parfum

As one of the most influential ladies of Great Britain Lady Blanche pursues a target: Perfection. In respect thereof, she is idolized by society. The unapproachable beauty, her mysterious past and her burning passion are the subject of matter – from a common kitchen maid to the high aristocracy. Lady Blanche would do everything in order to climb the social ladder even higher. Her newest plan: To poison her husband Lord George. Inheriting his fortune, having him be buried with only his risky secrets. Fascinatingly dangerous: Lady Blanche is the leopard of the house.

Revenge Lady