Not too often, there are companies whose name is synonymous with absolute top quality. The shaving brush factory Thäter is one of those companies. The company was founded in 1913 by Henry L. Thäter. At the beginning the company Thäter set brushes any typ. Over the years they specialized in the production of exclusive, hand-bound shaving brushes.
The small traditional company Thäter – only three employees work here – produces high-level brushes. The brushes are bound very tightly to a special structure, thus resulting in a very compact and solid head, which also holds its shape wet.
In density and quality Thäter brushes can not be beaten. Each step of the production is carried out in good old craftsmanship. Particularly suitable are Thäter Brushes for all connoisseurs of classic wet shaving, want to apply a voluminous foam. The special shape of the Thäter brush heads offers high flexibility during foaming.
All brushes are made entirely by hand in two stages. Because no mechanical finishing is done (eg blanking), the extremely fine and soft tips of shaving brush remain.
Thäter produces shaving brushes in three different quality levels. Almost exclusively, the highest quality grade “silver tip”. But also the slightly darker with slightly firmer hair and the uniform gray-brown “Dachszupf hell” with a special massage function by its hair is “light badger” available. The choice of the handle of the imagination has no limits, because it is almost no material that is not found in as a handle.
The country of origin of the raw material – Badger – is the Asian region, the fine processing of Thäter-shaving brushes take place in Germany.

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