Fort Amsterdam

It softens your beard, and tames your weathered mane. It’s hand-mixed for that, having a simple blend of natural ingredients. Beard oil allows you to groom your prized possession and softens it to a ladies kiss. Beard oil will help you get into your burly roots, while smelling like an uptown gentleman. And it does that in a functional way. It uses the help of Argan, Jojoba, and Tea Tree oils to make a truly luxurious brew. There is a handy medicine-dropper included with your jar of beard oil, so 2-3 drops should do the trick. At .05ml per drop and having 780 drops per bottle this jar of masculity will last you nearly a year. There’s a logo on it, and not everyone knows what it means. But you do. You know Fort Amsterdam to be the first colonial encampment in Manhattan (New York City) in 1625. You know that logo to stand for the finest beard grooming oils on earth. The beard oil is made in New York City; the most storied city in the United States and home of Fort Amsterdam beard grooming oil. You know that when you are around that logo, it’s time to better your beard and groom your most valuable asset. It’s time to start spending 5 minutes a day grooming your hairy face. It’s time to turn your beard into one capable of accomplishing anything. And people notice when you do those things. They see your beard progress. Ladies notice it’s softer. Men notice it’s more luxurious and struck with a manly shine. They slowly start building the connection between your beard improvement and that man behind it. They may not know exactly what you have done to improve your beard, but they know it means business. And you know that with the help of natural ingredients, you are wearing the finest beard-grooming oil available. Go be great. And as natural as it is, as simple in its recipe, as nonchalant as it appears, Fort Amsterdam beard oil stands for who you have become. For who you want to become. It’s just beard oil — your beard oil.

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