Claus Porto

Claus Porto is a centenary Portuguese brand that carries a remarkable historical past, marked by authenticity and exclusiveness. In spite of its traditional inspiration, the brand accompanies innovation, combining the artisanal philosophy with the will of innovating and risking selecting new paths and the launch of new products.
Under the motto „Preserve the past. Hearten the present. Challenge the future“, Claus Porto moves in a universe of glamour and luxury, where a constellation of cult aromas shine under the classical design of vintage inspiration, recovered from the centenary labels of the brand. Since 1887 …
Heirs of a charismatic historical path, today’s Claus Porto soaps are 100% vegetable and reflect the brand’s dedication and ongoing commitment to quality.
With the mixture of ingredients begins the rigorous production process that ends in final products that are nothing short of true aromatic jewels. With updated formulas, and enriched with the smoothest ingredients, Claus Porto soaps are born from a careful weighting of soap paste, perfumes, pigments and aromatic oils that are blended together several times to gain a homogeneous consistence.
Created in 1920, The Musgo Real collection is more modern than ever before. Combining a 100 years old handmade production with the demands of modern times, this line has a set of several products that suit men ́s skincare. Masculine, elegant and distinctive, Musgo Real is synonym of high quality products, with a contemporary package design that displays the authentic and original labels of Claus Porto.
Incredibly moisturizing, Musgo Real products are enriched with lanolin, glycerine, karate butter and coconut oil – ingredients that make these products are very creamy and soft, and have a masculine and revitalizing fragrance – an aromatic blend that harmonises the herbal essences of vetiver and eucalyptus with the strength of patchouli.

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