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Over 40 international quality labels are united under one roof in the exclusive ESBjERG range.
Spread across the globe, all the brands listed here are united by the uniquely high quality of their products. Whether a large company or a small manufactory: only those who can meet the highest quality standards are listed with us.

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Paraplantox Products.

Gentle pro-aging products with paracress as a natural active ingredient for a “relaxed” skin.

Our Paraplantox series impresses with high-quality ingredients and ensures a “relaxed” skin as well as a gentle anti-aging effect due to the paracress as a natural active ingredient. The Paraplantox series consists a face serum, an eye gel and an aftershave.

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Fancy the supreme discipline?

The knife shave is something for those who enjoy shaving. No other shaving tool works so thoroughly. There are special models for beginners, too, which can be mastered quickly with a little practice. These include the interchangeable blade knives – also called shavette. If you have a good grip on the shavette, you are ready for the next level: the round-headed razor.

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